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Cluster Lunch & Learn Meeting  
11.30am - 1.00pm,
Thursday 25 August 2016,
Little Para Meeting Room,
Level 3, 250 Victoria Sq,

September Members Night
5.15pm - 7.00pm,
Tuesday 20 September 2016,
SA Water Learning Centre,
250 Victoria Sq, Adelaide

Banquet Cambodia
Join the Water Innovators team for an evening of delicious Cambodian food and entertainment in support of WaterAid.
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The Premier’s Climate Change Council - SA Climate Leaders Awards 2016

The Premier’s Climate Change Council wants to shine the spotlight on
South Australia’s climate change action leaders!

South Australia is recognised nationally and internationally for being a leader in taking action to address and build resilience to the effects of climate change. We have a proud track record for the high uptake of renewable energy, for a pioneering approach to climate change adaptation, and for a commitment to achieve zero net emissions by 2050.

The Government has taken the lead in addressing climate change, including working with the Adelaide City Council to make Adelaide the world’s first carbon neutral city, but there is a lot more to the story that needs to be told.

The SA Climate Leaders Awards will recognise individuals, groups, organisations and alliances that demonstrate originality, innovation and beneficial outcomes in projects or activities in the areas of:
• adapting to the effects of climate change and taking advantage of the
  opportunities of climate change action
• reducing greenhouse gas emissions
• supporting South Australia’s transition to a low carbon State
• raising awareness of climate change issues and actions to address them
You can nominate yourself or nominate others under one of three categories: Individual; Business and Industry; or Community and Regions. Entries are already open, and will close on Friday September 9 2016.

For further information, please click here. To submit your entry, please click here.
Congratulations to the winners of the 2016 Smart Water Awards!

 2016 Australian Water Association Irrigation & Resource Management Award
Winner: Sentek, ‘IrriMAX software’

2016 Allwater Water Treatment and Re-Use Award
Winner:  Hydro-dis Water Treatment Systems, ‘Hydro-dis technology’

2016 SA Water Leadership Award

Winner: RPC Pipe Systems, ‘Flowtite® GRP Jacking Pipe for the Australian Market’

2016 TRILITY Planning & Delivery Award
Winner: Detection Services, ‘Condition assessment of pipelines using pressure’

2016 Minister’s Award for Climate Change Leadership
Sponsored by Department of Environment, Water and Natural Resources
Winner: Micromet, ‘Continuous flow electrolysis; a game changer in low energy waste water treatment’

2016 Minister's High Commendation for Climate Change Leadership
Winner: Allwater & SA Water, ‘The Adelaide Services Alliance Energy Management System – Watts it all about’

2016 Chairman’s Award
Winner: Tim Waterhouse, for his outstanding contribution to the South Australian water industry.

2016 EPA Award for Excellence in Environmental Practice
Winner: Factor UTB, for using innovative, low power technology to achieve high water quality.

Smart Specialisation Clusters

The South Australian water industry has a number of areas where it has excelled and is now one of the global leaders. Some of these areas have been identified and specialisation groups have been formed to foster the continued leadership of the technologies and the companies, government departments and research & training institutions that drive them forward.

The WIA facilitates two globally leading smart specialisation groups, MAR Hub and WaRDA, cluster groups who hold expertise in managed aquifer recharge and wastewater for regional and decentralised applications.

For further information on MAR Hub and WaRDA, please click here  .

SARMS-IIIP Capability Listing

The Water Industry Alliance has opened to all companies the opportunity to register their capabilities for inclusion in the Irrigation Capability Irrigation Industry Service Provider Directory. All the details both of how to access the service provider directory and how to submit your company's capabilities are available here .


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