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Australian Water Partnership praises the WIA

Australian Water Partnership CEO Professor Gary Jones told WIA members in Adelaide that the Alliance was recognised for having played a major role in developing the industry over many years and was at the forefront of breaking into international markets.

“South Australia’s water industry is recognised as a global leader in areas such as irrigation, managed aquifer recharge, saline groundwater management and water policy and education”, Professor Jones told the group.

“This has been largely driven by necessity: SA is drought-prone and lies at the end of the River Murray system, meaning that in harshly realistic terms, SA is always at risk of getting the least water and the most salt and pollution.

“The Murray Darling Basin Authority is just one example of how water policy can be developed and implemented. It’s a tough call to try to bring all the parties together and despite the disputes from time to time, overall it’s an undoubted success story.

“South Australia’s water industry has developed in the harsh fires of scarcity and the results are a credit to the ingenuity and innovative approach the industry here continues to take.
“Make no mistake about it, there’s a huge amount of international interest in what you’re doing here. The AWP sees it all the time in approaches from nations and from Australian embassies abroad. SA is seen as a State that’s taken adversity and turned it to advantage.  The problems which you have fought against are common in many developing countries.  They want clean, safe, secure water – but they want it in a tight timeframe.

“For you in South Australia it’s a challenge, but more than that, it’s a huge opportunity.

“The Water Industry Alliance has taken a strong lead in working with us, and others, to help develop those markets. I am extremely optimistic about your future in world markets.  I know there are barriers and difficulties brought about because many companies are small and have limited cashflow and capacity for business planning.  But there is help available and there are real markets out there for the technology and expertise which you have.

“SA has what the world wants: the know-how to provide a secure supply of safe water”.

Water Industry Alliance CEO Rachel Barratt said the South Australian water sector already had an aggregate turnover in the order of half a billion dollars a year. “The WIA has a vision to double this in the not too distant future, creating thousands of new jobs and a major new export industry for the State”, Ms Barratt said.
“We greatly appreciate the support of the Australian Water Partnership and the recognition for what we have achieved and what we believe we can do in the future”.

The Water Industry Alliance encourages our professional services members to apply to join the Australian Water Partnership.  The application form and guiding information can be found here:
2017 Smart Water Awards

The 2017 Smart Water Awards will be held on Friday 7 July at the Adelaide Convention Centre and is premier awards luncheon.

Sponsorship for the Awards is still open. Nominations will open soon.

For further information on how you can sponsor the Smart Water Awards, please click here to view the sponsorship package. To discuss sponsorship opportunities, please contact Jessica Burgess via email or by phone (08) 7424 2466.
Subsidised Access to Women’s Leadership Events Available

Women & Leadership Australia are currently offering 20 Water Industry Alliance members the opportunity to attend the 2017 Australian Women’s Leadership Symposium for $400 off the standard rate. The Symposium provides women a critically important platform to explore leadership, life and career development. They will take place in all capital cities across Australia later this year.

To take advantage of the discount:
1. Simply click here 
2.  Select which city you would like to attend
3.  Click ‘Tickets Available Here’
4.  Enter your First Name, Last Name and Email Address, then click ‘Next’
5.  Enter your Company, Title, Work Phone and type in ‘Water Industry Alliance’ when answering the question ‘How did you find out about this event?’, then click ‘Next’
6.  Click ‘Finished Adding People’
7.  Enter Discount Code ASC2017 and click ‘Apply’ to get the $400 discount off the standard rate
8.  Complete your Payment Method, tick ‘I agree to the Terms and Conditions’, click ‘Finish’ and then your confirmation will be emailed to you.

Only twenty Symposium seats are available at this rate. For further information about the Symposiums, click here.
Opportunities for Local Businesses to be involved in the New Water Centre of Excellence in Jaipur

The Centre of Excellence in Water and Resource Management in Jaipur, Rajasthan is moving closer to providing real opportunities for businesses to collaborate on joint projects and initiatives. 

Karlene Maywald, the South Australian Strategic Advisor of Water Opportunities along with Hydro-dis, a WIA member, recently visited Jaipur to progress business opportunities and to attend the first Steering Committee meeting of the CoE.

The Rajasthan CoE Steering Committee confirmed a suite of projects that will be delivered collectively with research and industry partners from both India and South Australia. Project leads are currently in the process of preparing project plans and liaising with Indian counterparts.

We anticipate that there will be a number of opportunities for South Australian industry and businesses to demonstrate their technologies, skills and expertise in India. Some of the projects which are likely to require industry involvement include a project looking at opportunities for Managed Aquifer Recharge, another on water sensitive design and village scale wastewater treatment project. As these opportunities develop they will be shared with members.

It is hoped that in early 2017 the WIA will have the opportunity to visit some of the project sites and meet with Indian representatives in Jaipur to further progress these industry opportunities.


In August of this year the Minister for Investment and Trade Martin Hamilton-Smith and the Chief Minister of Rajasthan Vasundhara Raje signed an agreement to establish of a new water centre of excellence in Jaipur as part of the State Government’s week-long delegation to India.

The agreement will enhance the already strong relationship with (ICE WaRM), and exchanges of knowledge and technology will assist Rajasthan manage its own and other water resources across India.

The Water Industry Alliance, The Goyder Institute for Water Research and ICE WaRM (International Centre of Excellence in Water Resources Management) are partners in the project and will play a key role is identifying collaborative research and connecting industry on priority projects including to address changes including water security, water quality, treatment and reuse of wastewater and the management of groundwater.

The Centre of Excellence in Water and Resource Management MOU was a critical first step towards India having a nationally and internationally recognised centre for leadership and innovation in water resource management, education, training and research.

The agreement will enhance the already strong relationship with South Australia’s and exchanges of knowledge and technology that will assist Rajasthan to manage its own and other water resources across India.

The development of the CoE has arisen from the sister-state agreement with Rajasthan signed in November 2015 which aims to further strengthen the relationship with India.
2016 Water Stewardship Oration, 23 November 2016

Aboriginal people's legal access to Water is both a challenge and challenging.  Just as calls for Aboriginal Land Rights were heard but not acted upon for several decades, today the call for Water Rights are increasingly being heard but there is little action.  At some point that will change; it may be through the courts, government goodwill by legislation or through mechanisms such as water stewardship.  Their speaker, Brad Moggridge, this year will provide a first hand report from the frontline.

Also at this event WSA Director Jason Alexandra will report on the two-day inaugural Global Water Stewardship Forum held in Edinburgh on the 1st and 2nd of November, and WSA CEO Michael Spencer will report on the Alliance for Water Stewardship first Annual General Meeting also held in Edinburgh on the 3rd of November.

Event Details
Date:  Wednesday 23 November 2016 
Time:  Arrive at 4.40pm for a 5.00pm start 
Location:  Abbotsford, Victoria 
Register:  Bookings are essential

For further information, please click here.

2016 Austrade Water Mission To China - Changzhou, Jiangsu

Join this mission to meet with decision makers in Taihu Basin and explore project opportunities

In partnership with the Jiangsu Engineering Consulting Centre, Austrade will arrange an Australian capability roundtable, business matching and a site visit to a demonstration project for delegates in conjunction with the Taihu Basin 2.0 Forum. Australia and Japan have been selected as partner countries for the forum.

The forum will be held in Changzhou (Jiangsu province), and is a leading event for decision makers involved in the remediation and management of the Taihu Basin, one of China’s largest water ecosystems.

The forum follows on from the success of the first 2.0 forum in Wuxi in 2015, and is aimed at developing solutions to the serious water management and pollution issues faced by the Taihu basin and surrounding waterways. 

Businesses with expertise in the following areas are encouraged to apply:
  River basin management
Wastewater treatment
Environmental remediation
Wetland management
  Ecology restoration
  Testing and consulting companies

Applications close by 4 November 2016. The Mission will be held from 4 - 6 December 2016. For further information, please click here to view the flyer.

Congratulations to the winners of the 2016 Smart Water Awards!

 2016 Australian Water Association Irrigation & Resource Management Award
Winner: Sentek, ‘IrriMAX software’

2016 Allwater Water Treatment and Re-Use Award
Winner:  Hydro-dis Water Treatment Systems, ‘Hydro-dis technology’

2016 SA Water Leadership Award

Winner: RPC Pipe Systems, ‘Flowtite® GRP Jacking Pipe for the Australian Market’

2016 TRILITY Planning & Delivery Award
Winner: Detection Services, ‘Condition assessment of pipelines using pressure’

2016 Minister’s Award for Climate Change Leadership
Sponsored by Department of Environment, Water and Natural Resources
Winner: Micromet, ‘Continuous flow electrolysis; a game changer in low energy waste water treatment’

2016 Minister's High Commendation for Climate Change Leadership
Winner: Allwater & SA Water, ‘The Adelaide Services Alliance Energy Management System – Watts it all about’

2016 Chairman’s Award
Winner: Tim Waterhouse, for his outstanding contribution to the South Australian water industry.

2016 EPA Award for Excellence in Environmental Practice
Winner: Factor UTB, for using innovative, low power technology to achieve high water quality.

Rachel Barratt Appointed Chief Executive Officer of the Water Industry Alliance
After completing a full, open and public recruitment process, I am pleased to announce Rachel Barratt as the new Chief Executive Officer of the Water Industry Alliance.

Rachel brings extensive experience to the role having worked in the water industry for nearly 20 years. In that time she has held senior roles within government and as an independent consultant.  

Most recently, Rachel has been the Managing Director of Consilius Pty Ltd, a South Australian consulting firm that has provided specialist policy, planning, partnerships and business development advice to agencies and organisations within the natural resource and community sectors.  Prior to this, Rachel was Director, Strategy in the SA Department for Water. Rachel has also been a member of the South Australian Murray- Darling Basin Natural Resources Management Board and played a key role in the development of Water for Good, South Australia’s Plan to secure water until 2050. 

Having worked across the sector, Rachel has an excellent understanding of the issues and stakeholders involved in the South Australian water industry.   I am delighted that members will be able to benefit from this rich and varied set of skills.

Rachel will be taking up the role in mid-July leading the WIA Executive team and working with the WIA members and industry stakeholders to grow South Australia’s water Industry capabilities.

Please click here to view the full media release.

Yours Sincerely,

Judith Bradsen
Water Industry Alliance

South Australian Water Policy Dialogue - White Paper Launched

The Australian Water Association South Australian Branch and the Water Industry Alliance recently held the first South Australian Water Policy Dialogue event, with a new conference format. The Dialogue encouraged discussion and outcomes from the delegates who could be fully interactive with key industry leaders and policy influencers.

The new and exciting format meant registered delegates had access to all the keynote presentations via video to watch when their time permitted. This meant not just listening to presentations - the Dialogue sessions were fully interactive at the event, allowing delegates to speak directly with key industry influencers. 

Three streams were held - research, industry and governance - and all generated lively discussion and good outcomes that were the content for the white paper. Jonathan McKeown, Chief Executive Officer of the Australian Water Association opened the event and the Minister for Water and the River Murray, the Hon. Ian Hunter MLC closed the event and was encouraging of conversation on water policy.

Following on from the Dialogue, a white paper was produced detailing the policy challenges and solutions. This paper was released at the recent launch event hosted by Deloitte.

Click here to view the White Paper. 

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