Who we are

The Water Industry Alliance is a globally recognised hub of water expertise and research in South Australia, which drives growth for its members and the State economy.

Formed in 1998, the Water Industry Alliance (WIA) is a cluster of 150 water-related organisations focused on sharing South Australia’s water expertise with the world and growing the South Australian water industry through networking, collaboration and business development opportunities.  

Our members include companies, government departments and research & education institutions that span the water sector including; manufacturing, engineering and technology providers through to water utilities and service providers. 

The combination of research and development, consultancy, engineering, technology, manufacturing, education, operations and commercial know-how provides the members of the WIA a unique ability to offer proven, efficient and cost effective solutions, processes and equipment required by global markets.

While covering the entirety of the water sector, there has been increased innovation to meet challenges in some key areas resulting in members of the WIA developing world leading solutions and capability. These areas of expertise often emerged out of necessity, and with South Australia being the driest state, in the driest inhabited continent in the world, water efficiency technologies became needed or feasible in South Australia first. 

The WIA also facilitates globally leading smart specialisation groups, MAR Hub and WaRDA, cluster groups who hold expertise in managed aquifer recharge and wastewater for regional and decentralised applications.

Water Industry Alliance is; 
• Leading networking and collaboration between members and their markets, 
• Promoting the successes of the industry, 
• Supporting international business development and branding, 
• Facilitating strategic projects both locally and internationally. 

If you are a company, a region, a country interested in seeing what innovative solutions are out there? Then contact us  to see what the Water Industry Alliance team can do for you!

Strategic Directions 2016 - 2020

The refreshed Strategic Plan for the Water Industry Alliance was recently launched at the AGM. Our Strategic Directions document sets out what type of organisation we will be and where we will apply our efforts to respond to these challenges and help the South Australian water industry and the businesses that make up that community to prosper and grow. It reinforces our focus on helping business do business and driving an integrated and collaborative approach. I encourage you to read our new Strategic Directions document and join us on this journey.

Annual Report 2016-17

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