Join the Water Industry Alliance on an exclusive Business Delegation to 3rd Water Innovation Summit, New Delhi, India 4-5th September 2017

The WIA is coordinating a delegation of WIA companies, Australian and South Australian government officials and experts to New Delhi India to discuss opportunities for businesses to collaborate on a range of water security initiatives.

The delegation is being led by the Honorable Karlene Maywald, Strategic Adviser to the Government of South Australia, and Rachel Barratt, Chief Executive Officer of the Water Industry Alliance.

The South Australian Government has supported this initiative through agreeing to be a Partner Country sponsor at the Summit. Australian Water Partnership is also supporting the supporting the attendance of WIA members.

Participation in this event is a unique opportunity for companies to engage with a large cross-section of Indian Industry, Government officials and experts at the Water Innovation Summit as well as in a specific roundtable which will herald the formation of a joint working group between Australia & India on an Industrial Water Security framework for India.

Why would I attend?
•  To learn more about India, its water challenges and opportunities for doing business in India. 
•  To meet and form relationships and business partnerships with Indian companies, high level government officials and other delegates at the Summit. 
•  To connect with key people in Austrade, DFAT, DSD and the WIA who can assist you in future business opportunities. 
•  To learn more about the work, partnerships and opportunities that the South Australian government has been developing to assist our companies to do business in India. 
•  To help your company assess the opportunities without making a significant investment in cost and time. 
•  To prepare for and ensure maximum outcomes from the South Australian  Business Mission to India in November 2017. 

Learn More & Participate
If you would like to learn more or participate in the Delegation please contact Rachel via email.
For further information about the CII-Triveni Water Institute, please click here.

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