2017 Smart Water Award Winners

Award Winners for the 2017 WIA Smart Water Awards are:

TRILITY Innovation Award 
Winner: SA Water 
For the Energy Management Program

Allwater Alliancing Award
Winner: Australian Water Environments, Aqueon, Water Data Services & Alano Water, (with Syntec Global and HASSELL) 

For the Australia China Sponge City Consortium

Allwater Alliancing High Commendation
Dematec Automation & HydroPlan

For the Gawler Water Reuse Scheme

Australian Water Association Environmental Improvement Award 
Winner: Major Projects, Department of Environment, Water and Natural Resources 

For Weir Pool Manipulation in the South Australian River Murray

SA Water Leadership Award
Recipient: Andrew Johnson PSM 
Executive Sector Specialist, International Centre for Water Resource Management (IceWarm) and Former Executive Director PIRSA

Minister’s Award for Excellence in Sustainable Water Management 
Winner: Wallbridge Gilbert Aztec

For Environmental Stormwater Management for a greenfield urban development