Nominations Now Open for the 2017 Smart Water Awards

The WIA is pleased to invite members to submit nominations for the 2017 Smart Water Awards. Entry is only to WIA members, is free, and submissions can easily be completed in under an hour. 

Visit our brand new Smart Water Awards website to learn more on the award categories, eligibility and how to enter.

South Australia continues to be a leader in water technologies and services, the Smart Water Awards recognises our most innovative and leading edge members, and excellence in leadership.

Submit your nomination online via the Smart Water Awards website or download the MS Word version of the nomination forms. 

Nominations close at 4pm (ACDT) on Friday 7 April 2017.

WIA Members Night At Smart Cities Studio

The Water Industry Alliance Members Night for February was held at the Adelaide Smart City Studio.  

Members enjoyed a presentation from Beth Worrall, Studio Manager.  Beth took us through what a Smart City is, global and Australian examples, and shared with us some of the pilot projects that are underway and how the Smart City Studio can assist industry. 

The Lego City Model got a lot of interest, featuring many of Adelaide’s landmark buildings and streetscapes built from bricks.  The impressive display is in fact a working model, and is used to demonstrate Smart City projects such as:
Smart parking
Smart lighting
Energy monitoring
Water quality management, and 
A city dashboard
One of the aims of the Smart City Studio is to help identify and generate commercial opportunities for innovators, and support their endeavours to build compelling smart city solutions for Adelaide and beyond.  Water Industry Alliance members that are developing technologies and expertise to support smarter cities are encouraged to connect with the Smart City studio to gain access to advice and opportunities to build their smart city solutions and also showcase their results.   

The Smart City Studio has a range of industry partnerships and collaborations to provide expertise and support to entrepreneurs in Adelaide. To read more follow this link to the Smart City Studio site.

Loxton Research Centre Redevelopment Opening

The Water Industry Alliance are proud to support the redevelopment of the Loxton Research Centre.  Recently celebrating their official opening, the new centre is a hub for research and business innovation.

Building on the impressive legacy of the original research centre, founded in 1960, the Loxton Research Centre continues to offer meeting spaces and facilities for industry, research, education and government.

WIA CEO Rachel Barratt attended the opening in February, representing South Australia’s water sector.  “We’ve seen significant improvements in the technologies and management practices our irrigators use to produce high quality food through the SARMS program.  This centre will help support the ongoing focus on research and innovation in both established crops for the region, and new opportunities for production.”

“The facilities are modern and encourage new ways of working, supporting both digital conferencing, and meeting spaces for face-to-face collaboration.”

The $7.5 million redevelopment is funded as part of the South Australian River Murray Sustainability Program (SARMS), funded by the Australian Government and delivered by Primary Industries and Regions SA, on behalf of the Government of South Australia.  To read more about the SARMS program, please click here.

Australian Water Partnership praises the WIA

Australian Water Partnership CEO Professor Gary Jones told WIA members in Adelaide that the Alliance was recognised for having played a major role in developing the industry over many years and was at the forefront of breaking into international markets.

“South Australia’s water industry is recognised as a global leader in areas such as irrigation, managed aquifer recharge, saline groundwater management and water policy and education”, Professor Jones told the group.

“Make no mistake about it, there’s a huge amount of international interest in what you’re doing here. The AWP sees it all the time in approaches from nations and from Australian embassies abroad. SA is seen as a State that’s taken adversity and turned it to advantage.  The problems which you have fought against are common in many developing countries.  They want clean, safe, secure water – but they want it in a tight timeframe.

“For you in South Australia it’s a challenge, but more than that, it’s a huge opportunity.  SA has what the world wants: the know-how to provide a secure supply of safe water”.  To read the full article, please click here.

SARMS-IIIP Capability Listing

The Water Industry Alliance has opened to all companies the opportunity to register their capabilities for inclusion in the Irrigation Capability Irrigation Industry Service Provider Directory.

The South Australian River Murray Sustainability Program (SARMS) will build strong and sustainable irrigation communities and help to secure water resources needed for a healthy environment and a prosperous state.  SARMS is a $265 million funding package resulting from collaborative efforts between the Australian and South Australian Governments and the water industry. 

SARMS will be delivered by the South Australian Government and has been designed to achieve the outcomes sought by the Water Industry Alliance in their original River Murray Improvement Program proposal. For further information on SARMS-3IP, head to the PIRSA website .

All the details both of how to access the service provider directory and how to submit your company's capabilities are available here.

Smart Specialisation Clusters

The South Australian water industry has a number of areas where it has excelled and is now one of the global leaders. Some of these areas have been identified and specialisation groups have been formed to foster the continued leadership of the technologies and the companies, government departments and research & training institutions that drive them forward.

The WIA facilitates two globally leading smart specialisation groups, MAR Hub and WaRDA, cluster groups who hold expertise in managed aquifer recharge and wastewater for regional and decentralised applications.

For further information on MAR Hub and WaRDA, please click here.


2017 May Members Night

Member Showcase
5:15pm - 7:00pm
Tuesday 23 May 2017
SA Water, 250 Victoria Square, Adelaide

2017 June Members Night
5:15pm - 7:00pm
Tuesday 20 June 2017
SA Water, 250 Victoria Square, Adelaide
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