2017 May Members Night

Showcasing South Australia's Water Industry Capabilities

Members are invited to join us for the May Members Night for a showcase of some of South Australia's expertise in water. Three WIA members will be showcasing their businesses at the Members Night, sharing with attendees some of their new and innovative products and services.


Optimatics helps the water industry effectively manage financing inclusive of debt and rates, improve stake-holder engagement and reduce risk by providing software which delivers new and valuable insights into infrastructure and operations plans. These benefits are delivered by Optimizer, a software suite built on data-driven machine learning technology from the University of Adelaide. Optimizer helps planners screen effective infrastructure and operational outcomes from the vast number of possible choices. The data-driven strategic insights obtained through the use of Optimizer can completely redefine how a utility conducts their network planning, and allows them to make robust and adaptive decisions in the face of uncertain economic and climate conditions.

Optimatics’ technology is embedded into the planning processes of water utilities around the world. Optimizer has helped to reduce the total cost of more than 360 infrastructure projects globally, consistently achieving savings exceeding 10%, across water distribution, collection systems, stormwater and irrigation projects. 

Industrial and commercial water treatment often involves the handling and storage of hazardous chemicals. This incurs not only an ongoing consumable cost but also ongoing WHSE issues and costs.

Hydro-dis Australia has developed a unique and proven technology that enables the elimination of hazardous chemicals providing a WHSE solution at the pinnacle of the Hierarchy of Control.

The Hydro-Dis® system of in-situ chlorination reliably disinfects a water supply or wastewater discharge over extended periods, simultaneously generating the chlorine residual needed without the addition of chemicals.

The versatility and effectiveness of this technique is demonstrated by the ability to provide a cost effective system, tailored to suit the specific site requirements be they potable, wastewater or metal removal applications in a wide variety of locations in response to an identified need.

Hydra Consulting
Hydra Consulting work with business on all aspects of developing strategy, growing, changing and making it happen. Hydra Consulting are a modern management company that doesn’t just advise, but rolls its sleeves up and gets involved in making it happen. They help companies to get going fast, grow ideas, build great organisations, grow & change, hear customers and implement difficult projects.

Hydra Consulting support the business development for several water product and environmental product manufacturers and water producers, including products in on-site treatment, filtration, bottled water, irrigation management, emissions reduction and biological wastewater treatment.

Hydra Consulting have a range of projects in modernising ops management, manufacturing and distribution. This includes strong background in many water allocation and water policy projects with a focus on new policy implementation practices. This includes
developing new models for Water Policy Implementation in South Australia; running major R&D projects on water policy across the LEB, Southeast and Murray Darling Basin; mapping and designing approval processes and re-engineering approval processes.

5/23/2017 5:15 PM - 7:00 PM
SA Water 250 Victoria Square Adelaide, SA 5000 AUSTRALIA

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